PTD is a network of USPTA, USPTR certified and nationally recognized tennis coaches who contribute regularly to this collection. Our contributors come from every continent from many different countries including the US, Germany, Spain, Russia, Hungary, UAE, Australia, South Africa, and more. PTD consists of high-school and college coaches, tennis professionals working with top national players, tennis camp counselors, and tennis directors of very successful tennis programs. We believe that sharing information such as tennis drills is mutually beneficial to our staff as well as our readers.

We also believe that the best way to learn is through games and exercises with objectives. Working towards goals ensures focus that leads to intensity which is crucial to learning. Although repetition of a single stroke has its place in player development, PTD tennis drills are not about one dimensional stroke production. We believe that tennis is a game and it should be played and practiced as such.

Our goal at PTD  is to collect the largest number of co-operative and competitive tennis drills that are engaging and fun!

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"I was very happy with the book. Thank you!"
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